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Always concerned about our Chilote authenticity and improving our daily contact with our guests to transfer the culture and experiences of our beloved Island and its people, we have incorporated in our Area of ​​Experiences to Yonny Vidal F.He will be designing, creating new routes and excursions, which will be adapted to the requirements of each Guest and Agency in particular.
Everyone knows him and they will undoubtedly realize that he was born for this job, his kindness and his sympathy that characterizes him makes a reflection of the Chilote blood that runs through his veins.

"I was born in Ancud Chiloé, I studied Tourisim business Management, I worked a year in Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa Florida, I lived two years in Vancouver Canada working in Hotel Companies learning the language and the way to socialize of that beautiful country.I am representative of the local culture.I know the Island by stories, trips and teachings that my parents and grandfathers have transmitted to me and today I am happy to transfer to our beloved travelers.From March 1, 2013 I came to form and build OCIO Territorial Hotel, a unique and authentic Hotel as we managed to rescue the essence of the Island and the Culture of Bordemar, I will be waiting to share my experiences and meet my people