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This work speaks about the consciousness of being, it is the figure of a man touching his reflection in the water, representing the human being to be real and in deep contact with nature and its able to find himself in it. This space only gives it the tranquility of leisure. The character meets his reflection but not only admires, but also touches it modifying it at will, as we do when we are aware of our shortcomings and mistakes. It invites us to find ourselves in nature and connect with the earth, with its harmony and wisdom.


This work is representative of Chiloe, it speaks about the fellowship that has set the Chilote with their environment. It is played by the figure of the black-necked swans, a species that lives in the area and can be found in the banks of the OCIO Territorial Hotel. This bird in its apparent fragility lurks the spirit of survival, territoriality and family protection, qualities strongly present in the culture chilota.
The swans spread their wings into a woman who takes off, she is the female consciousness that dominates the island is the sea that changes with the moon, it is the nature walking pace and chilote matriarchy us with great wisdom.
This is a tribute and recognition for all that this island inspires us and invites us to discover in his intimacy with respect and warmth with which she welcomes us.

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