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Formerly, the Chilote burner was a Huilliche indian housing, which in Mapudungun means "People of the South", this culture made the kitchen a main focus of their lives and which today is passed down from generation to generation in Chiloe families.

The idea of ​​the fire consisted of a construction wooden shed where there was a fire that was on a slope in the center, so that the heat temperaba all over the place, rise from the feet and smoke remain at the top of the building leaving slowly the attic space.

The fire was used for smoking all kinds of seeds, vegetables, seafood and meats, as well as for the preparation of breads, milcaos and chapaleles, all products based on the "Papa Chilota".

Normally in the hearth whole families and friends gathered around the fire to share, here cooked, told stories and legends sometimes even slept peacefully resting and dreaming of his exploits and adventures.

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