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  • In this photo we find Don Sandalio, Doña Orfelinda and Huey, the former owners of this wonderful land, next to Yasna and Cristián, managers and responsible for continuing their wonderful legacy.

We are located in Rilán, against Castro, as a general concept, OCIO is a "Territorial Hotel" in an area of ​​20 acres where we designed the rooms and services under the rules of a "Sustainable Tourism" and try to do minimal impact on the ground and its environment.

We have our Lodge, an old Chilote house that was remodeled, keeping its original structure in its environment. It is surrounded by apple trees that we use to prepare our own apple cider. We also have a fireplace for typical homemade barbeques. In the "Center" we can find the the dining room, living room, fireplace, kitchen and terrace. Then we have 6 rooms in the Ala del Viento that are connected by a bridge with the Centre. We have 3 Suites hidden in a wonderful hillside full of native vegetation.

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