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Ocio Territorial Hotel is in the Rilán Peninsular in the middle of the Big Island of Chiloé. Chiloé is a unique place in the world due to its cultural heritage, its local identity, its people, its architecture, and its geographical beauty.
In 2004, all of this motivated my wife Yasna and I to make a promise to Sandalio and Orfelinda, who were the original owners of the 20-hectare rural property where the hotel now stands. This promise was to protect the land, the culture and to always talk to future generations about Chiloé’s traditional uses and ways of living off the land. From that moment on, we began a process of restoration of the traditional and original house and “fogón” (traditional smokehouse) as well as the trails used by the sheep to get to the natural springs and the forest and the sea.
That is where our dream began. We then started to build three suites where the landform allowed us to build. We always had a sustainable vision of not-intervening with nature and not-competing with it either. We understood that nature gave us permission to build on the land. We then built the reception and restaurant centre where we also have two more rooms for accommodation. This is a meeting point for the guests where there is a unique view of the fiord and city of Castro but from a far-away-country point of view.
In 2012, we opened our doors to the world without knowing exactly how to do it. We realized through trial and error that we had to build six more standard suites in order to make this dream financially sustainable and to have the hotel opened all year round. This way our staff, that is 90% local people (our neighbours from the community), could count on a continuity of livelihoods.
The hotel was finally built but the promise was only partially kept. We also realized that there were many people from the community who also believed in us and our role to support local micro-businesses that wanted to be part of the dream and allow themselves to also dream along with us. There was a new found perspective that invited people from the rural community to reflect and place a new value on their culture and heritage. We are committed to show the world this unique experience and to talk about this wonderful dream that has been achieved with the community.

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