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OCIO Territorial Hotel & SPA Chiloé

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Agricultural heritage systems and their associated landscapes have been created, maintained and passed on from one generation to another by the inhabitants of rural areas. Based on the diversity of species and their interactions, and using management practices suited to local conditions, these systems are an enormous contribution to agricultural biodiversity and the natural and cultural heritage around the world.

The GIAHS, "Ingenious Agricultural Heritage Systems World" project is a program that seeks to establish the basis for the global recognition, dynamic conservation and sustainable management of agricultural heritage systems of global significance.

The GIAHS project is an initiative of FAO in collaboration with various international institutions. For implementation have been selected seven priority sites in the world, among which is the island of Chiloe.

The Chiloé GIAHS project aims the recognition and dissemination of traditional systems of land use and biodiversity.

The dynamic conservation of heritage Island systems improve the conservation of diversity and knowledge, while broad opportunities for sustainable development of local communities.

Within Chiloé you have selected three pilot sites where activities are concentrated in promoting social, economic and environmental sustainability by improving local capacity, supporting traditional practices and promoting institutional arrangements for promoting GIAHS concept various local actors.

The pilot areas corresponding to the Rilán's Peninsula, Queilén Commune and the Isle of Quinchao.

The GIAHS Chiloé is implemented by FAO / Rome and executed by MINAGRI, PASO AGRICULTURE SEREMI Region of Los Lagos and the Centre for Education and Technology CET with the support of various local institutions.

Chiloe´s Gastronomic Node

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Surfacing Chiloé 

OCIO Territorial Hotel- Chiloé & SPA supports the initiative of conserving biodiversity present in our wonderful Island.

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Leisure in Chiloé

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Chiloé: The island's charm

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Chiloé: Tourism in a mythical island 

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Chiloé among the 10 most fascinating islands of the Planet

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The Stylish Rilán

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Rescuing the insular identity

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Sipam node Chiloé

Training in rural tourism

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New tourism. Chiloé Upgrade 

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