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 GIAHS, is a FAO recognition to some sites around the world, important for the conservation of agricultural biodiversity, of peasant cultural systems and their ingenious responses to global challenges on food security and development. Chiloé, obtained this denomination thanks to the strong agricultural heritage of their communities, and the efforts of a team composed by public, private, and academic organizations. Now GIAHS Chiloé is a permanent initiative and it counts with high peasant communities’ participation and the engagement of many public institutions like MINAGRI through ODEPA. This allows not only preserving the denomination but also transforming it in a powerful development tool. This approach includes the valorization of products and services with cultural identity linked to agroecological production systems, promoting territorial development.

We as Hotel are strongly committed to this initiative and We are the only Hotel that it has this certification in Chiloé Island


An informative talk was made by Don Carlos Venegas in our hotel premises, where several local producers associated with the SIPAM label participated, as well as many residents of the Rilán Peninsula, who are constantly participating in these activities and our Hotel Staff.

These talks are being held in order to reuse these practices based on local knowledge and ancestral experience, so as to ensure the sustainable provision of multiple foods, as well as quality of life for many small farmers in our Island.

This talk ended with a concert by the group Chiloé Concertante, whose purpose is to develop and disseminate classical music in Chile, promoting a cultural exchange with European musicians of great prestige, bringing classical music closer to isolated geographical sectors.

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